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Your health can suffer if either your Advanced CardioRX LDL levels become too high or too low. If it becomes too high then this can cause build up of plaque in the blood and clogging of the arteries which can lead to heart attacks or strokes. Additionally if it becomes too low then hormone and cell functions can be impaired, leading to problems such as an increased risk of stroke and lower serotonin which can lead to mental health conditions. If your HDL levels are too low then this of course means not enough of your LDL will be taken back to the liver to be reprocessed, which of course means high levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood. Additionally HDL is also thought to help prevent infections, reduce inflammation and also possibly ward off cancerous cells. So as you can see it is vital to keep cholesterol in balance.

If there are problems with your cholesterol levels then your physician may recommend you use statin medication to control it. If this is the case I would genuinely give it a lot of thought before agreeing to it. Although there is no doubting that statins do work in lowering cholesterol, they also come with a lot of side effects, some of which are quite serious such as heart failure. The reason behind this is because statins are designed to lower cholesterol production by inhibiting an enzyme in your liver that creates cholesterol (HMG-CoA). The problem that arises from this is that it also inhibits another enzyme (CoQ10) which your body needs as it creates energy for every single cell within it.

The main alternative to using statins has been to do things such as increasing exercise, eating more fish, stopping smoking and cutting out foods containing saturated and trans fats. These will all help and should be done, however there are now supplements available that blend nutrients together and can help keep cholesterol in perfect balance, but without any of the side effects we have mentioned. For instance one of the nutrients to be found in these kind of supplements is policosanol. This is extracted from sugar, rice bran and beeswax and although it raises HDL and reduces LDL, it also helps to inhibit the amount of cholesterol created by the liver in the first place. It does this through an alcohol it contains and clinical studies have found it to be as effective as statins but without any effect on the CoQ10 levels.