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A lot of people complain that business 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance is either a feast or a famine. They are either selling lots or nothing. Yes you can blame external factors, if you want: blame the seasons, the competition or the government. When I'm invited to look at businesses with that problem I invariably find that there is no Sales Funnel in use. Let's be clear here, a "sales funnel in use" is not the same as "having a sales funnel". By "Sales Funnel" I mean a system that tracks prospects from first contact onwards through the sales cycle. It does not have to cost millions or involve complex software. What it must have is be easy to use and comprehend as well as be appropriate to that business. There are lots of cowboys out there who will sell you over specified rubbish when a pen and ledger will do just as well. If you don't have a sales funnel you can decide on the building blocks over the weekend. First break down your sales flow into components. First contact, free samples, site visit, rfp/rfq, Tender, negotiations, contract signing these are all elements that may be involved. Grab a pen and sketch out your idea sales flow. Then add your most common deviations and you have probably covered 90%+ of your sales. Now jot down all the prospects that you have closed over the past period, from memory try to run these guys through your new sales model. Did they move smoothly? Are some sections too long and need to be broken down? Are some sections too short and could be merged? Hint: Normally 5 or 6 phases in a sales flow is about right. Add a few durations, how long does each phase last.