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He decided to take things into his own hands. Miracle Moringa He didn't want to use a drug or prescription medications. So, he started to try different methods and ideas and discover, through the effect that each one of these had, the solution.During those years, looking for an irritable bowel medication, Mark made an interesting discovery. For different reasons, but mainly in preparation for colonoscopies, he had to flush out his intestinal contents. After these flushes he experienced a period of remission in the symptoms, this period lasting from a few days to more than a month.

The re-occurrence of the symptoms happened when he ate some trigger foods. Although these foods may be different from person to person, there are some basic types of foods that are beneficial to be eliminated anyway.Mark gave up and stayed away from diary products, caffeine and alcohol. And the symptoms didn't come back, he felt fine. Trying to interpret the results and create a correct model, he figured out why when he stopped eating these types of food that triggered the IBS, the symptoms didn't go away. The effect of eliminating such foods was experienced only after the cleansing of the intestines.

So, the allergies were excluded. The stomach flora was replaced after a flush out of intestines. And the new flora created an environment that stopped the processes that lead to the IBS symptoms. The trigger foods changed again the flora and determined the re-occurrence of the symptoms.Mark now had a clear picture of what he had to do in order to stay away from all the bad things. First he had to find a natural product that wouldn't create dependency (treatment) and didn't have side effects, that would cleanse the intestines and replace the flora. After that, he would avoid the types of food that he discovered were triggering the re-occurrence of the symptoms.