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Cocoa butter is, for the vast majority Dermology Hair Removal Cream of people, a hypo allergenic substance that can be used topically with no side effects whatsoever. There have been some rare reports of people with hyper sensitive skin having a slight reaction but in that case all that needs to be done is to stop using it. Cocoa butter is one of the most effective natural and holistic moisturizers that a person can use. Its ability to be easily absorbed deep into the top three layers of the skin that are affected by damage from stretch mark scars make it a useful ingredient in both preventing and treating them.

There are some easy tips that can make cocoa butter more effective too. Taking a warm bath before applying it to the skin will aid in its absorption deep into the top three layers of the skin where the damage occurs. It's potent moisturizing properties will help to soften the scar tissue that stretch marks are made up of, so exfoliating the skin on a regular basis can and will help out greatly. The use of cocoa butter as a massage cream can also help to break down and remove scar tissue in the skin. Just be sure to use adequate pressure on the area to get the most benefits. When it's cold outside people tend to notice how dry their skin can become. And the change in temperatures from the cool outdoors to toasty heated rooms can really up the ante for skin dryness.

But there's different ways to work around these challenges so skin can look and feel good during the wintertime. Here are some tips to get through the frosty season. Although a hot bath or shower may seem like the perfect thing to do to warm up, it actually is a bad choice. Hot water can remove skin moisture especially during the wintertime. And every drop of moisture counts. So, the best temperature to keep it at is warm. After a bath or shower, pat skin gently but leave it a bit damp for a body moisturizer application. Now remember, do not use it on the face or neck because it will be too harsh.