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What Do Penile Clamps Look Like? Penile clamps ActivGuard are a useful device that is particularly placed around your penis, in which are used for the intervention of unplanned loss of urine. The outer covering of the penile clamps are made of plastic while the inside of the clamps are very soft flexible foams. It is made of foam to accommodate comfort for the penis. Additionally, it is a comfortable well designed cradle like pad that gives no extreme pressure. The pressure is evenly distributed as the penile clamp is strapped around the penis. The long wearing and lightweight characteristics of clamps gives the freedom of enjoying everyday routines without pressure.

What will occur when you tighten and loosen the placement of your penile clamp? When clamps are strapped around the penis, the soft pad can gently press the urethra making it stops any leakage of urine. clamps are designed to prevent the flow of unplanned loss of urine as well as created to ensure the normal blood flow. There are some instances such as penile clamps when tighten too much will result to restrictions of normal blood flow, irritates the outer layer of skin, and damages the urethra. On the other hand, when clamps are loosening too much the result can be leakage of urine flow due to no pressure on the urethra. Therefore, you need practice to reach the right and exact pressure needed. After all, penile clamp is not a difficult device to use and also an excellent choice intended for men with urinary incontinence.

What is frequent urination? It is the need to urinate more often than usual. In retrospect urgent urination involves the sudden need to urinate along with the rise of pressure in your bladder. The above need for frequent urination is termed nocturia.Most people can resist urination for six to eight hours. However with old age this duration reduces. In kids too, the control is not much. Middle aged people often urinate once in the morning when they wake up. The above can also be termed urgency urination. However what is interesting to understand or know is that you can relate the frequent urination to urinary tract infection. Since this leads to inflammation of the bladder's tract to hold urine, even small amounts of urine lead to tremendous discomfort.