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All that being said, [1] however, most of us can easily make regular attempts to meet the requirements of the two laws I outlined above. We can easily find ways to insert more activity, both planned and opportunistic, into our lives, and we can exercise more control over the food we put in our mouths. A great knowledge of physiology and the science of exercise is not necessary, nor is it a requirement that we be extremely knowledgeable in the science of nutrition either.

Most of us are perfectly aware that a five, ten, or fifteen minute walk is probably better for us than sitting in front of a TV watching a completely mindless show. Okay, I confess, I watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" regularly. Hmmm! Why does my wife keep calling me Frank? Anyway, we all understand that a few minutes of yard work is better for us than raiding the fridge for another beer or that other piece of pie.

We also know that if we have to slip into the kitchen for something to munch, a handful of nuts or an apple is probably going to be better for us than that piece of pie. Doing the healthy things from day to day is what will help us live up to the two laws I have mentioned.Would we be able to more effectively exercise with a little more knowledge and training on the subject? Of course.Would we be able to more effectively take control of our dietary and nutritional lifestyle with a bit more information? Of course we would.If we have more knowledge about exercise and nutrition, will we be better able to make that weight loss plan of ours more effective? Without a doubt.