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A team of hackers (known as "0ld Eur0pe"), mainly consisting of the [[Summerschool Aachen 2004]], members of the [[Chaos Computer Club Cologne]] and some students of the RWTH[http://www.rwth-aachen.de], participated in the UCSB Capture The Flag 2004 game[http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~vigna/CTF/] and were quite successful (see the participants[http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~vigna/CTF/participants.html] and scoreboard[http://kurosawa.cs.ucsb.edu/cgi-bin/scoreboard.py], second line).
This page serves as a whiteboard to document the setup we used this year and to collect ideas about what we can do better next time.
== Setup ==
== Setup ==
[[Image:NetworkSetup.jpg|Image:NetworkSetup.jpg|Network Setup]]
[[Image:NetworkSetup.jpg|Image:NetworkSetup.jpg|Network Setup]]
The image is missing our loghost, which we added later with a hub in front of styx.
The image is missing our loghost, which we added later with a hub in front of styx.
== What To Do Better ==
=== General ===
* don't put such a strong focus on host and network security again, this game was about application security
* use some means of internal communication (wiki?)
* split teams into research/abuse instead of attack/defense (Research would read code, produce new exploit and fix bugs, Abuse would automate and use exploits) (?)
* start earlier
* get more hardware boxes which could be used for monitoring and firewalls
* doorkeeper for drunken people
=== VMWare Game Image Security ===
Check for
* ssh pubkeys
* sshd configuration:
** PubKeyAuthentication
** PermitRootLogin
* nfs exports
* user passwords
* PHP Safe Mode?
=== Patches and Exploits ===
Please contribute the weaknesses you found including exploits and patches.
Lexi is also collecting all files that were produced during the event (scripts, logs, etc)
* pollit
** directory traversal, rsutling is reading and writing capability on files whose names contain a dot
* register
** possible SQL-injection in at least update.pl and review.pl due to unsanitized input
* feedback
** directory traversal, ability to write (append) and read access to script files. Appending leads to executing of malicious commands.
* diebald (task admin)
** a compound of format bug on a printf and broken logic while reading tasks file, leaded to /bin/sh
== Pics! ==
Where are the pictures people made during the event? Where can I download the video somebody created?
(That was Klaus Ridder)
== Logs ==
fd0 has some irc-logs of #ucsb-ctf on freenode during the game.

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Network Setup

The image is missing our loghost, which we added later with a hub in front of styx.