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Great work. I think I'll try it!

A couple of things that are not clear from the instructions, relating to DHCP: "Prepare your dhcp-server If you have a working dhcp server add the following lines to your group, substituting ip and mac address as needed"

How do we know if we have a working DHCP server? This assumes we've just installed the deb package, how do we know it works? Where's "to your group"?

Thanks, R


Well, you should have some understanding of dhcp3-server ( Other dhcpd servers might be possible, though. After you install the package you have to modify the configuration, add a group for your subnet, etc. If the clients in your lan accept dhcp offers your dhcp server works.

See also

np, pzpzp

I think you can also use bootpd instead for a full blown DHCP server... -jer

Does anybody know how to install Kubuntu (and other relatives) directly using PXE? There a bug report here: But it's rather old (2005-05-03) and unresolved. - -=-=-=- What does it mean "In more detail we need to provide:" - do the instructions as they are work? - Or does more need to be done. My PXE boot client is failing with PXE-EA1 No PXE Server found, but the DHCP appears to work as the client gets assigned the IP address I put into the dhcpd conf file. And the subsequent TFTP times out.

DHCP server setup

This is not clear to me. I do have some understanding of what a DHCP server does. I am not an expert, by any means. I have a bsd box on my network, currently running DHCP. I want to add a new machine that I will occasionally use as a tftp server. If I run DHCP on the tftp machine, won't that interfere with my main DHCP server?

You suggest editing the /etc/dhcpd.conf file. Is that on the pre-existing DHCP server? My bsd box is a very simple one, running monowall and I don't know how to get directly to it's configuration files. What if you can't get to those files? Is PXE boot possible then?

thank you

thanks for this tutorial. well made, and very helpful :))