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(Fri 23.)
(Course Schedule)
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**Fix loose ends
**Fix loose ends
**Wargame (Lexi Pimenidis, Mercy and Ilja van Sprundel)
**Wargame (Lexi Pimenidis, Mercy and Ilja van Sprundel)
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Course Schedule

Mon 19.

    • Lecture:
      • Introduction (Maximillian Dornseif) PDF
      • Hardware Security (Maximillian Dornseif) PDF
    • Lab: Get Started, Wargames on the Net, Unscrew things. (Maximillian Dornseif)
      • Coffee Table Talk: Lock Picking (Patrick Hof, Jens Liebchen)

Tue 20.

Wed 21.

    • Lecture:
      • Fingerprinting (Maximillian Dornseif) PDF
      • ScaPy (Philippe Bondy) PDF
    • Lab: Play with ScaPy, scanning the net (Philippe Bondy, Maximillian Dornseif)
    • Coffee Table Talk: HeapOverflow Protection (Yves Younan)
    • Tech Report 'till then: (Yves Younan & Daniel Hodson)

Thu 22.

    • Lecture: Formatstring bugs and Race conditions (Ilja van Sprundel)
    • Lab: Find an exploit, write an advisory
    • Coffee Table Talk: The Game of Go (Paul Boehm)

Fri 23.

    • Lecture: Fuzzing (Ilja van Sprundel)
    • Lab: Fuzz whatever you can get your hands on (Ilja van Sprundel)
    • CoffeeTableTalk the scene (Christian Klein)
    • Evening: Visit at the Netzladen
    • Tech Report 'till then: Harald Vogt & NN

Mon 26.

    • Lecture:
      • Forensics / hidden data in documents (Maximillian Dornseif)
      • OracleSecurity (Alexander Konbrust)
    • Lab: Playing with Oracle (Alexander Konbrust & Christian Klein)
    • Evening:

Tue 27.

    • Lecture: Breaking the web (Maximillian Dornseif)
    • Lab: Breaking the Web for real (Maximillian Dornseif)
    • Coffee Table Talk: Security, Science and Education (Felix Freiling)
    • Evening: CCCAC

Wed 28.

    • Lecture:
      • Malware (Christian Klein)
      • Botnets, Firewall traversal, distributed C&C (Thorsten Holz)
    • CoffeeTableTalk: The Topology of convert Conflict (Shishir Nagaraja)
    • Lab:

Thu 29.

    • Lecture:
      • Attacking Anonymity Systems (Lexi Pimenidis)
      • Sniffing, Spoofing (ThorstenHolz)
    • Lab:
    • Evening: Party (Felix Freiling)

Fri 30.

    • Fix loose ends
    • Wargame (Lexi Pimenidis, Mercy and Ilja van Sprundel)

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