Summerschool Aachen 2005/Challenges

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Open Challenges

Challenges in Progress

  • Daniel & Yves - glibc 2.3.5 look at how to exploit heap-based overflows (avoiding the checks)
  • Typo & Ilja - 0wn putty
    • Update: We found some exploitable bugs. --Typo 18:10, 20 Sep 2005 (CEST)
  • Max feat. Christian: /SSL fingerprinting
  • Chris - Fake driver to replace Apple's IOI2CMotionSensor for further reverse engineering of the motion sensor driver
  • Lorenzo
    • Pick Ilja's challenges up (didn't look at labsession.pdf yet; it should contain more challenges)
    • Just started a glibc function fuzzer (even if I guess it will take long time, tho :-)
    • "Genetic exploit" [to try] to fight against real address space layout randomization. Is it feasible/worth working on? I don't know yet :-) (I'm just starting to think about it; lot of hypotheses and scenario. main issues: fitness function, little knowledge about genetic algorithms :-\)
  • Emin
    • A Bluetooth-device scanner based on ScaPy

Finished Challanges