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Hazard Warning!

Vulns: Summerschool Aachen Immunity Weakness

Our analyst team has learned of the existence of a flu virus. The virus is considered to be in the wild Participants of the Summerschool run a high risk of remote infection.

It is known to target tired out participants. Currently it is impossible to determine how many systems are already compromised. Infrastructure analysis suggests a maximum infection spread of 95%.

After activation symptoms include loss of temperature, tiredness and the production of snorting noises. The Virus has a limited runtime of 7 days.

Currently there is no known solution or workaround to the problem. To protect yourself we advise the use of sleep and vitamin c or to completely take down vulnerable systems until a patch is available

This is a candidate for inclusion in the CVE list, which standardizes names for security problems.

The virus still spreads out in the wild. Reliable sources report on at least one more infection.
Further analysis characterises it as a highly polymorphic virus with customisable damage routine. After infection it defers its outbreak for about three days to spread out unrecognised between participants.
The only plausible workaround appears to be the establishment of a chroom(2)-jail (aka quarantine) on the main floor.