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As you all should know, on Friday, Octobre 1st, we have a Project Day. Everybody should work all day on a project that he can choose (more or less) freely.

Please make sure to inform us about your project and your goal until Wednesday, Septembre 29th!

Feel free to ask us for help if you lack of ideas.

--Cklein 23:24, 23 Sep 2004 (CEST)


Me and Mario planned to try and finish a (non-working) perl module he made a while ago which allows you to forge arp packets. (this module is called Marp).

-- Ilja van Sprundel


I am planning on continue developping the generic automatic feature extraction tool for fingerprinting protocols. I have already some code from the network Recon Lab, but I still need to code a classification engine, and solidify the code so that it is useable by others.

-- George


I will write a program that looks for ARP replies on a network and compares the data with a local database. In case of a mismatch, it will send out a packet with the correct info.

This is meant to defend against ARP spoofing where an attacker periodically sends out unsolicited ARP replies to poison the cache of other machines. The aim is to update the cache of victim machines as quickly as possible, so that the forged information will be kept in the cache as shortly as possible.

The other aim of the project is for me to play with libnet and libpcap.

-- Alexander Becher