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Steven Murdoch

My main website

Hello. I'm another one of the students from Cambridge. Currently I am working on a PhD in the Security Group in the Computer Lab. My main PhD topic is on secure storage of structured data, but I have also worked on a few other projects, including reverse engineering cryptographic co-processors, understanding currency counterfeiting prevention systems and colluding in games.

Last year I did some work on Security Enhanced Linux, and I am generally interested in improving OS security. One reason behind this is that I am a sysadmin for a server with 1,396 active users, each of which can run insecure CGI/PHP scripts. So in addition to the normal security goal of keeping unauthorised users out, we also have to be very careful to partition users and prevent privilege escalation. Recently I have been looking at more conventional software vulnerabilities (buffer overflows, format strings, etc.) and writing tools to detect them in binaries. Hopefully this summer school will give me the opportunity to extend and improve these.