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Hidden Data

Slides & examples are at

The coffee table talk

The slides of the coffee table talk are online, you can find them here.

-- Ilja van Sprundel

Looking for authors of documents in Cambridge

I have scanned the * domain using google and wget and retrieved around 1000 M$ Word documents. I then put together a python script that makes a list of authors, documents, urls triplets. This indicates how profilic particular authors are (they have authored documents placed in many different URLs), and exposed quite a few little secrets.

-- user: George

Did I just 0wn a User Mode Linux?

I spend the lab session playing around with User Mode Linux (UML) and evaluating whether it was easy to identify UML from the "inside". It is... it seems like the developers do not intend to hide the "true" identity of a User Mode Linux at all.

After that i discussed some "breakout scenarios" with Thorsten.

I'll post some more on all that tomorrow...

-- Lutz Böhne

Simulating Web Activity

I've spent the time in the lab writing a perl script for simulating users browsing the web. It uses the immensely useful WWW::Mechanize::Sleepy module from CPAN. I have uploaded the script to Discovery.

At first I wanted to simulate SSH activity, but I decided that I didn't know enough about the SSH protocol and that it would take too much time to understand and modify the SSH source code.

-- Alexander Becher