Summerschool Aachen 2004/Building Attacks Lab

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Network Basics

The slides can be found here

Notes on Presentations

Network Basics

The second lecture today will cover the basics of network programming. Here are a few links that could help you during the lab session:

Linux clock timings

These show some measurements I have take on the Linux 2.4 kernel clock using gettimeofday(). This returns results with microsecond precision, so I wanted to make sure that this precision was significant. These graphs show that both the millisecond and microsecond parts give fairly uniform results.



-- Steven Murdoch

A mathematical theory of communication

I've uploaded this famous paper by C.E. Shannon to
You may download it, if you're interested.

--Cpunkt 12:21, 23 Sep 2004 (CEST)

Billy the kid

a python lib that allows you to make raw sockets.

Notes on Lab Session

Google Search String Competition

Insert here your Favorite (novel) search strings: