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The EFIKA is an embedded PowerPC board with a 400MHz 32-bit freescale MPC5200 (603e/e300), 128MB RAM, 100MBit/s NIC, 2xUSB 1.1, Soundchip, 2.5" harddisk connector, PCI and AGP (with riser-card) and serial out.

Pylon received a board for development work on it. I will leave it in the C4, so that we can attach additional hardware on it.

Ideas for development tasks

  1. mpd-server as in-replacement for the already existing one
  2. connection to the Fnordlicht
  3. using jack for disco-lights



Currently I don't have any harddisk available, so this could not be tested. But it would be nice to create a complete stand-alone machine out of it.


It's also possible to boot via USB. But it's only USB 1.1, so very slow.


I will use Gentoo/Linux on that machine. Yes, it might be slow, but it can be changed to your needs. Also it's possible to build on another PowerPC or with cross-dev.


  • Server:
  • Client:


  1. Download a stage3-tar-ball and unpack it to e.g. /nfsroot.
  2. Change /etc/fstab, so that the root-filesystem will be mounted via NFS: / nfs noatime 0 1
  3. Change /etc/securetty and add a line for logging in later via serial-line: echo ttyPSC0 >> /nfsroot/etc/securetty
  4. Also add that serial-line to /etc/inittab: echo "s0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 115200 ttyPSC0 vt100" >> /nfsroot/etc/inittab (you can use linux instead of vt100 for a coloured term, but then you should have a good serial communicotian program)
  5. Add a password-hash for the root-password into /etc/shadow. I used htpasswd2 from apache for it. Call it with htpasswd -nb root secret. This will create the hash for the root-user with the password secret. Replace the * in the shadow-file with that hash.