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Wissenschaft & Kultur

Deutschlandfunk: Flash WMA (32kBit, 22kHz) Real (44kBit, 44kHz) MP3 (48kBit, 22kHz)
Deutschlandradio Kultur: Flash WMA (32kBit, 22kHz) Real (44kBit, 44kHz) MP3 (48kBit, 22kHz)


everyone.doesntexist - experimental radio; abstract, electronic, crazy

Vintage, Game, Soundtrack

BitJam - Demoscene radio streaming 24/7 noncommercial music from demos, games, demoparties, etc.

Many platforms in the playlist: Amiga, PC, C64, VIC20, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari (8bits, ST, Falcon) for example.

Ogg/Vorbis (~80kbit):
Mp3 (128kbit):
Kohina - pure old school 8-bit/16-bit game/demo music radio
full playlist (ogg vorbis, 112k): sweden - wilper sweden - draken sweden - joda
full playlist (mp3, 56k): germany / snyke
fresh tunes (ogg vorbis): sweden / talus, mayday
SLAY Radio - Streaming Commodore 64 remixes, also featuring live shows.
Nectarine - Your Demoscene Radio

Goa & Psychedelic Trance - Goa-Psy
divbyzero/de - High Quality Psy & Trance Streaming
Chill & Slow
Mixes & Livesets
Various Artists - 100% Goa & Psy-Trance - goa / psychedelic / trance
HBR1 - Music on Futurenet
I.D.M. Tranceponder: ogg vorbis mp3
In da House: ogg vorbis mp3
Dream Factory: ogg vorbis mp3 - Goa / Psy

Misc - gutes Tranceradio
192K Radiostream
Radio Tunestorm (Frischer Wind für eure Ohren) - Mixed, live DJ
Monkey Radio - Grooving. Sexy. Beats
plusfm - eclectic underground electro deep-house downtempo lounge
Secret Agent
Groove Salad
Drone Zone
Beat Blender
cliqhop idm
Tag's Trance
Nur zur Weihnachtszeit: X-Mas in Frisko
XTC Radio -- Euro Dance, Trance & DnB Mixes - Drum and Bass Radio - Noch ein sehr guter DNB-Stream wo man auch requesten kann
Limbik Frequencies - Ambient & Electronic sounds
Netmusique - Smooth & Stylish Downtempo
Staticbeats - Electronica - we are not evil
Electronica Radio Mix
Ambient Radio Mix
ASCIIporn Radio
Live from Work
RandRadio Talk - Speak Your Mind: 64k 24k
RantRadio Industrial - Industrial Electronica for your Mind: 128k 24k
RantRadio Punk - The Virtual Mosh Pit: 128k
LEmixx - Funk and Groove - The Name says it all
Zeilsteen Radio, The best Alternative ROCK!!! from the Netherlands , Holland.